First day back to work.

After being locked up for ten days straight I can't deny being nervous, or maybe anxious.
Getting out of the house is one benefit, and the money hopefully will help so. . . lets stay positive. Right?
At least I'm early out and I have a photo shoot tomorrow.
Full day planned, stamina don't fail me now!

The no drinking is a bit of a bummer but forces me to save money. I don't consider myself an alcoholic. I don't deny that I drink a lot. Getting out of work at 2 or 3 in the morning, we all drink a lot. It's youth. Right? But the fact that sitting here thinking about it I can almost taste the Jack sliding past my tongue, down my throat. . . mmm. . . is a little bit alarming to me. The fact that I haven't been drinking for nine days, and was craving a drink the past four is alarming as well. I'm gonna blame that one on the fact that I've been sitting, by myself and bored this whole time. I should be able to sleep at night better with that one.

Come to me Monday.
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Writer's Block: Love is timeless

What is your opinion of relationships where there is a significant age difference between partners?

Personally, I have never dated anyone my age or less than four years older than me. And for some reason, I do wind up being the mature one in the relationship, even when that relationship was with someone who was 11 years older than me and had a 7 year old son. Age is nothing but a number. Judging a persons maturity level by their age in futile. Then again, a persons experiences leads them to be the person they are today. And moving out at 16 and being on my own since has made me the person I am, with my priorities. Those who lead a more sheltered life still have growing to do.

Secrets and pain.

Okay. . so secrets are bad, right?

There are no secrets among friends....? I've never had a real friend then.
Somebody always blows the secret. . .

But what if you have a secret with one person, who has a lot more to lose if its disclosed than you?

Would it be secure?

What if you have a secret with someone as selfish as you

Can you keep a secret? Really keep a secret? From everyone?

Regret is a terrible thing. In my life I will have only two regrets: The fights that I turned down, and the sex that I turned down.

There will always be consequences, but you can't let fear run your life. Pain is temporary, memories last a lifetime.

Change is good. Pain is good. Pain leads to knowledge, and once you have that knowledge, you can free yourself from the pain.

Pain is passion. Pain is freedom. Pain is humility.

Pain is sex, and drugs, and rock and roll. All in one.
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